Advanced Respiratory Monitoring

Smart Respiratory Index

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Located in the abdomen to provide the respiratory signal and rhythm.


Tool for calculating cardiac and respiratory parameters and the SRI.


Advanced ECG for the study of heart rate variability.

Advanced Respiratory Monitoring

The Core-Safe ONE includes four sensors; an ECG, a triaxial accelerometer and two microphones, which are combined to provide a meticulous analysis of the breathing pattern. The different advanced signal processing techniques applied to the sensors, allow to monitor respiratory rate and HRV parameters. The main module, located in the infrasternal part of the abdomen, is intended to be used in hospital wards and in home care patients, in order to help guiding whether the patient has a stable breathing function.

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Smart Respiratory Index

In addition to its simple and comfortable architecture and easy operation, the device stands out for the Smart Respiratory Index (SRI) calculation, obtained by algorithms based on clinical studies and pattern detection. The SRI evaluates breathing deterioration on a scale of 0-99, helping medical staff to make decisions and diagnose the patient’s cardiorespiratory status more quickly and effectively.