Advanced BP Monitoring

Blood Pressure Calculation

About CSBP


Located in the abdomen to provide the position & movement of the patient,


Tool for calculating cardiac and PTT & BP calculation or monitoring.


Advanced ECG for the study of HRV and BP calculation.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Core-Safe BP includes four sensors; an ECG, a triaxial accelerometer and two microphones, which are combined to provide a meticulous analysis of the blood pressure. The different advanced signal processing techniques applied to the sensors, allow to monitor HRV parameters and blood pressure (BP) values. The main module, located in the infrasternal part of the abdomen, is intended to be used in hospital wards and in home care patients, in order to help diagnose the cardiovascular stability of the patient.

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Pulse Transit Time Calculation

By calculating the time delay between the electrocardiographic signal and the heart sounds, the Pulse Transit Time (PTT), i.e. the time it takes for a pulse wave to travel between two arterial points, can be estimated. There is a relationship between PTT and BP that allows diastolic and systolic values to be obtained continuously and reduces the inconvenience of ambulatory monitoring.